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Gossips is a directory of personal websites, web experiments, and community sites.

Please don't submit links to social media, website builders, or crowdfunding platforms. This is a directory of handmade websites.

While all handmade websites are welcome to be submitted here, we do take each site's content into account when deciding to accept or reject a submission. This curation keeps the directory an interesting place to browse for visitors.

Some examples of what to/not to submit

Do submit:

  • A website as a garden.
  • A website about your grandmother.
  • Your personal website (full of interesting links, rabbit holes, and easter eggs).
  • A website you made for a class.
  • A community website that you've been working on (that isn't built with bootstrap).
  • A website with a few unclosed HTML tags.

Don't submit:

  • Your resume/business card as a website.
  • A website that relies heavily on a JavaScript framework.
  • Your latest company/startup.
  • A blog that's just about coding.
  • A personal website built with a website builder.
  • A webstore.

And of course the following is never allowed here:

  • Hate speech, sexism, and racism.
  • Anything illegal (including links to illegal content).

The submission fee is $3. This goes toward running and maintaining the directory.

Submissions may be declined for any reason without notice. No refunds, sorry.